Finding the Best Laser CNC Engraving Machine

Finding the Best Laser CNC Engraving Machine

There are many types of engraving machines out there. One being the laser cnc engraving machine. Laser engraving and laser cutting has become a lot more affordable these days by way of new machines that are cheaper, yet still yield highly accurate resultsĀ  and precision over a large range of projects. While regular cnc engraving uses a mill to engrave a product, these types of machines uses a special laser to engrave or cut a product. With so many different engraving machines out there, this article will give you some solid tips on how to get the best laser cnc engraving machine for your money.

CNC Machine Bed Size

You need to take into consideration the particular bed size of the machine. Some machines range up to 4 ft x 8 ft and larger. This means the actual area that the machine can fit any product, such as a metal sheet. Take this into account with what size product you will be cutting. Remember that if you do not have the space, then you can always go to a laser cnc engraving company to do it for you.

Material Choice

Take into consideration the type of material you will be using. Newer machines can even laser cut wood, acrylic, sheet metal and many other additional materials. Check to make sure the laser will be able to cut or engrave what you want before making the purchase.

Price and Reliability

As always, pricing is a huge factor. If you are a manufacturer, then it may be worth the investment to buy a laser engraving machine, however, most times it may be easier to search for an experienced laser cnc company that you can work with instead. This will save you the large set-up cost, and will give you access to any machine that your budget can allocate for.

If you are shopping for a new engraving machine however, you will definitely want reliability. Do your research and make some comparisons around before you decide to buy a machine. Look for machines with proven reliability as well as a machine that comes with good technical support. The last thing you want is to be left with an unusable machine during an important client project. Also take a look at what the service schedule is like for your particular machine.