CNC Engraving Machine


So you are looking for the best computerized engraving machine for your next project? Well there are some solid opportunities out there for getting a great computerized engraving machine.

A lot of computerized engraving machines are simply called cnc machines and can be split up into two main categories.

1. 3 axis cnc machines

2. 5 axis computer engraving machine

What to look for in a good computer engraving machine

Obviously this comes down to just how much work and time you are prepared to get attuned to a new machine.

A lot of cnc engraving machines come with cnc software or cam software where you may have to be trained especially for. A lot of companies add in an extra price for someone to come and train up your cnc technician. Bear in mind that this takes time and you will need to spend money on  this.

The other thing that you should consider is just how expensive the cad/cam programs will cost you. A single licence for a good cad/cam program such as Solidworks is going to set you back a lot of money, as much as $10,000 or more sometimes depending on extra packages and the grade of cad package you may need. With engraving only, it can be cheaper, as you may only need a 2d vector based program such as AutoCAD.

The other thing to look for aside from costs, is how well the machine will do your task. You may need more precision based tooling or different router tool bits to ensure the engraving is up to par with the original design. You will also need things such as the right vise as well as a possible enclosure.

Best 3 axis computerized engraver

Below is probably the best reviewed computerized engraving machine. It is a Grizzly, which means it is a solid brand that has been around for a long time. Definitely worth checking out:

The only problem with the above Grizzly is that it is only available in the U.S. in terms of training. When you purchase the machine, you will probably have to pay a fee to get trained in cnc to make sure the machine can be used properly with the included cnc software.  This machine should take care of your wood, metal and plastic engraving easily, so acts as a wood and plastic engraving machine too.

Best 5 axis computer engraving machine

Computer engraving machines that have 5 axis capabilities start getting really expensive, and start getting industrial sized. A good way to save money here is to possibly go with used engraving machines. You might be able to buy used to save on hardware and software costs and save your practice a lot of money.

I would check out Gravograph first, or head on over to the cnczone forum to see what people there might say.

In my experience, it really doepends on your own personal needs in terms of what you will be using the cnc machine for. Check out the links above and go from there, or feel free to contact. Good luck!