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brick engraving

I didn’t really know much about brick engraving until I started writing this guide. It seems brick engraving is used a lot for fundraisers and that there are many different brick engraving companies out there that do laser engraved bricks.

Below is a guide on what you could do for your next brick engraving fundraiser and what you need to have to get a great brick engraving.

1. Figure out what needs to go on the actual bricks. You can do this by having an engraved brick fundraiser. You can charge per brick for a new foot path or a new wall. Get people to put money in for their name to be engraved on a brick. Then when you have all the bricks you need filled up with names, it is time to head to a good laser engraver.

2. Bricks are engraved using a laser. A laser engraved brick shouldn’t cost too much.

Usually prices range around $20 USD for a regular paving brick to upwards of $30-$40 for concrete bricks and other materials such as granite tiles. So take the names you have from the engraved brick fundraiser and give this to a cnc or laser technician.

These types of companies usually use computer numerically controlled (cnc) machines that control a laser to engrave the bricks. They should also have templates already set up for this, so should not charge you too much for preparation time before the cnc engraving starts.

brick engraving

3. You should look at what styles they have to offer. Often laser engraving software will have different font styles and size to choose from. You will need to pick the design you want engraved for all the bricks.

You will also need to agree on a lead time and finished project time. Make sure you know exactly what you will be getting, when you will be getting it by and how much it will cost overall.

Choose a company that already has a brick engraving machine, so you do not have to supply bricks or run around trying to find someone that can do this specific type of engraving. Brick engraving is rather specialized and will not be done by regular cnc engraving companies.

Engraved brick fundraising is a great idea and a great way to pay for a new path, table top or wall. It’s something that is rarely done, but is something that is super cool, as it allows the donar to see their contribution for the fundraising event by seeing their names engraved into the bricks.