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Buying the very best in cnc wood routers can be hard. A lot of cnc wood routers are industrial sized and are hard to find under one roof. A lot of brands tend to be spread out and each have their own website.

cnc wood routers

I’ve done the research and will hopefully help you choose the right router and brand for you to check out. Obviously every application is different, so it is up to you to choose something that best suits your budget.

It is hard for me to tell you which single cnc machine is good for you, but I have had a good look around at all the different wood cnc routers, and below are what I think are some brands worth checking out:

Thermwood – Has a mix of both 3 axis and 5 axis cnc wood routers for sale. As of the beginning of 1012, they have 15 different types of 3 axis routers and 3 different types of 5 axis cnc routers.

K2 CNC – Based in the U.S. They have a good mix between smaller routers and much larger scale industrial sized routers. Around 15-20 routers available here to look through.

Shop Sabre – They have 5 routers to choose from, with each machine coming with a solid cnc controller and made from quality materials, such as steel for the framework as opposed to extruded aluminum.

ShopBot – At least half a dozen solid cnc wood routers here. Definitely worth checking out their site, as the graphics are pretty cool and the site is well layed out.

cnc wood router

Of course the manufacturers/brands mentioned above do a lot of large scale stuff, so for smaller cnc routers for wood or smaller non cnc machines, I would recommend also looking at these brands:




-Shop Fox

Saving by buying used

What you could do to save money is to look at buying a used machine. Used cnc wood routers will save you a ton of money, as the machine will cost less and may come in a really good condition.

Be sure to check out just what kind of software the machine will come with. If it comes with cad/cam software, then that will save you a lot of money too. For used wood routers, I would try the forum. There is an active community there where you could go and post what you might want.

Remember that a new machine may come with new cam software. Of course, with a used machine, it will be hard because you will not get extra training. So make sure you pick a used machine that has software that you can use easily or over-write easily.