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Are you looking for the best cnc foam cutter? Well there are many different places where you can get a cnc foam cutter. There are also different cnc foam cutter plans to make a diy cnc foam cutter. Below is my guide on what the best foam cnc cutter would best suit your needs and your budget.

cnc foam cutter

There are a few great resources out there with tutorials on how to build a great hot wire cnc foam cutter.

Check out some of the resources below: has a great guide right here to make a diy cnc hot wire foam cutter. has cheap packages here

8linx has some solid instructions on how to build one right here. Going the diy route and finding the right diy cnc foam cutter plans is a great way to do it.

I would also recommend checking out some videos on youtube with regards to foam cutters using a hot wire.

To get started, I would check out some of the above links to see what you need and how much it will cost you. In general, the wire and the materials should not cost a huge amount of money. Remember that the length of cuttable wire that gets heated up will determine how much you can actually cut.

cnc foam cutter

The most expensive part that you will be looking at would be the cad/cam software. Cnc foam cutter software is expensive. I go through a lot of different cad/cam for cnc software here. You will quickly realize that to make your cnc hot wire foam cutter will be expensive because of this.

The other option may be to make a hot wire foam cutter and do things by hand, using templates that you can hand cut with. This will be a lot cheaper than going for a cnc hotwire foam cutter.

Another alternative to a hot wire cnc foam cutter would be a cnc laser foam cutter. This uses a laser to cut or etch your foam. Whether it is a hot wire or laser, many densities of foam could be used. For a hot wire, I would suggest keeping things slow if you are cutting high density foam to ensure the shape you get is consistent with your templates if doing the cutting by hand.

So whether it is a homemade cnc foam cutter or more complicated laser cutter, I wish you all the best.