Engraving Machines


Custom engraving is not just limited to plaques or specialty trophies. Customized engraving can be used on a wide variety of projects including pet ID tags. This can be a great way not only to get a very cute design or unique pet tag for your dog or other pet but this also makes it much easier to have a tag that includes home address or ownership information. This is especially useful if your pet is ever lost, or if you have one of those rascally pets who looks to take off and explore.

There is also the business side of these tags, but to produce and sell them you need a pet tag engraving machine. These pet tag engraving machines use computer software and laser technology to etch out any words or patterns wanted for customized and sellable pet tags.

credit: davedehetre

Remembering the details

While these machines might seem expensive if you’ve never dealt with engraving before, it’s important to remember that the computer software and specialized cutting you get from using electronics as opposed to old fashioned manual hand work more than makes up for the price and with many models you only need to sell one to two tags a day for less than a year to make back the entire purchase price.

While the pet ID tag engraving machine might seem a bit of a luxury at first, it gives you the opportunity to offer high quality items that pet owners love, and anyone in the pet industry knows that many pet owners see their pet as part of the family, and are willing to spend money accordingly.

Finding the best pet tag engraving machines

Finding the right pet tag engraving machine will take a little bit of time and research, but it’s a step that’s worth taking. These engravers are often much simpler and easier to use than larger machines like laser crystal engraving machines used for three dimensional plaques. This should help to make pet tag engravers less intimidating than other similar machines meant for bigger and larger projects.

In addition, before making a major purchase most of these companies will have demonstration videos online so you can see exactly how the machines work. This is critical to making sure you pick a dog tag engraving machine that you know how to use. In addition, you should ask any and all questions you have and customer service should be able to answer them to your satisfaction.

Different pet ID tags to entice prospects

Since these are for pet ID tags, the pet id tag machine will be able to create different custom shapes for tags as well from the classic diamond to hearts, bones, or other shapes. The wide variety of options this gives you only helps to make the tags more marketable since pet owners will have very different tastes from one another.

A normal engraved tag might not convince one pet owner to buy, but show a heart shaped pet tag and that might be more than enough to get a sale, or even two or three for the other pets at home.

Dog tag engraving machine

To engrave dog tags, the best bet is to go with a local cnc engraver. They should be able to engrave your dog tags with a precision cnc machine. This shouldn’t cost too much, but it is best to check out a few places and see what they can do for you. Remember sometimes that there is a lead time (waiting time) before they can start your project if they are busy, so it is always best to get in early.

Many other random shops and even key cutting places may be able to engrave your dog tag for you. If you want  something a bit more professional, you may find someone who has a military dog tag engraving machine or a pet tag engraver who has experience engraving dog tags.

Another idea is to look into a used dog tag machine, which you may be able to find on sites like eBay.

Final words

Do your homework at take a look at some of the pet tag engraving machine models that get the best reviews. Follow this advice and you will be able to find a high quality machine that can be a huge boost to your business.