Mastercam X5

Mastercam X5 is now out and features a new list of things that will help CNC programmers  and designers with getting their work out as fast and as efficient as possible.

Mastercam X5 is the latest machining software tp feature dynamic milling techniques, multiaxis machining and Optirough toolpath. Hybrid finishing helps blend two efficient cutting techniques into a single toolpath, which helps evaluate and judge the model shape and then smoothly switches between Constant Z cutting and Constant Scallop machining on the fly.

Also included is Optirough toolpath. Optirough toolpath is included in this latest machining software for 2011 and is a 3-D high surface speed technique using dynamic milling motion to remove large amounts of material fast. First, large aggresive cuts are used, followed by smaller up-cuts enabling a quickly roughed up part to be delivered in minimal time. The toolpath is constantly adjusted to ensure use of the entire tool flute length while cutting. This often gets rid of the need for multiple depth cuts.

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