Are you looking at getting a micro milling machine? A machine that will be able to mill down to a very, very small tolerance is a micro milling machine.

micro milling machine

There are a few options to go for when looking at buying a micro milling machine. Generally a lot of the time, these machines are cnc. A good cnc micro milling machine can be expensive, and you are probably going to need a good cad application as well as cam software. Cam software alone can cost upwards of $15,000 for a single license or seat. Factor in updates and maintenance costs, then things start looking very expensive.

A typical micro milling machine  is going to cost you between $300 and $800, depending on the brand and features.

Below are the micro milling machines that I recommend. They also have had great reviews in the past:

Microlux micro milling machine by Micro-Mark – This small micro cnc milling machine that seems to do the job well according to the online reviews. A big con is that it is only 2800 rpm which means it is not quite fast enough to mill through wood in a ‘clean’ manner. Also, there are not a lot of accessories for this machine available yet. Don’t let this hold you back too much, as this Micro Mark milling machine is definitely worth checking out.

Proxxon Micro miller milling machine mf70 – 5,000to 20,000 rpm available on this machine. This machine comes with tungsten milling cutters and is available with different precision milling vices. Definitely worth a look.

Shop Fox m1036 micro milling machine – A great option from a well known brand and is available at Amazon, which means you should get a solid guarantee as well as free super saver shipping.

Clarle cmd10 micro milling drilling machine – Another great option, but unfortunately quite hard to source in the U.S. If you are in the U.K. then head on over to amazon.co.uk and they should have this machine there. This is a super high precision mill with a 100-2000 rpm variable speed drill. So not a huge amount of power, but good enough for milling preciser and smaller parts.

Axminster x1 micro milling machine – This one is also based more for the folks out in the U.K. This machine is definitely worth checking out and the bed even tilts 45 degrees to allow for angled milling.

So there you have it, the above micro milling machines represent the best in the pack. Each of these are worth checking out, as different users will have different budgets and different requirements.