Find the Perfect CNC Machine for Sale

Find the Perfect CNC Machine for Sale


Are you looking for the perfect cnc machine for sale? Well you are in luck. I will list the best types of cnc machine for sale. Of course it all depends on the application and what you need the machine to do, so I will split this guide up into a few different categories:

New Machines

There are many different manufacturers out there. Some of my favorite are the ones that have been around a long time. I would definitely recommend brands like Shop Fox,  Jet, Grizzly and Gravograph.

Of course, it all depends on what your specific applications are. The biggest  thing to look for is whether or not the machine itself is a 3 or 5 axis cnc machine for sale.

The best wood cnc machine for sale:

This is an awesome system from CarveWright for cnc machining of wood. I highly recommend it, and it comes with an enclosure to make sure no dangerous chunks of material fly out.

The best mini cnc milling machine for sale:

Although not cnc, these two machines I would highly recommend and come from two reputable brands, Shop Fox and Grizzly. These machines are small enough to be moved and stowed away while not in use, but have the right rpm for a good range of projects. This makes for a great alternative for a small cnc milling machine for sale for use on a benchtop. Check them out below:


Top 3 axis mill:

The Grizzly G0499 is a solid 3 axis cnc milling machine for sale. Grizzly has been around for a while, and if you buy this machine, you can add an extra fee to get on-site training. That way you will have a great machine and the right knowledge to get going straight away.

Top 5 axis cnc milling machine for sale:

It can be hard to find a cheaper 5 axis machine that is cnc on sale. You could hunt around the used market and try to pick up a used 5 axis cnc machine for sale, but it could be tough going depending on your current location.

I would recommend looking into these top brands that have 5 axis cnc machines available:

1. Shop Fox

2. Bolton

3. Jet

Used CNC Machines

cnc machine for sale

Buying a used cnc milling machine for sale is a great way to save on cost. There are however a few downers here. First of all, you may not be very familiar with the cnc software.

When buying a new machine, a lot of the time, there will be an extra charge and someone will come to you and teach you how to use the software. You will not be able to get this offer, unless the previous owner gives you a few pointers or you have the right experience with the machine’s specific software.

Another potential downside is upgrading and keeping the machine in shape. Depending on the wear and tear, some parts may need to be changed.

Also, upgrading software can get really expensive on a used cnc machine for sale. Software costs for cad/cam software as discussed in previous articles are really expensive and will present a bit of a budget problem if you want to keep up to date. The latest cad/cam software packages go into the five figure mark (over $10,000).

Of course, there is the upside to getting a used machine on sale. You will save a lot of money upfront and you may be able to get a great deal and something that is closer in location to you. You will save on extra tax and delivery costs.