DZ12KS Five-Axis Twin Spindle VMC

DZ12KS Five-Axis Twin Spindle VMC


The new model DZ12KS from Chiron America is out and features a five-axis twin spindle VMC UNO cell that consists of a Fanuc robot for helping to load/ unload parts from a possible parts tray system.
This model comes with an awesome robot that can be equipped with an automatic gripper-changing capability which will allow for different multiple gripper assemblies for when you want to do a part model change-over.

What also makes this machine great is that it features a quick-change pallet system for manual change-over between different part models and will allow the user to utilize different workholding fixture designs. There is also a new vision system to help identify and communicate to the machine the current location of the part within the tray and also which model is going to be run,.

For a great Five-Axis machine, check out the DZ12KS 5-axis twin spindle milling machine at Chiron America for pics and info.