Five Crucial Tips for Choosing the Right CNC Services

Five Crucial Tips for Choosing the Right CNC Services

A quick search on the internet will show many different places where you can get your CNC work done. It is often hard to judge what CNC services to use. Choosing the right CNC service is crucial for saving time, hassle and most importantly cost. Here are five essential tips that will help you choose where to get your next CNC job done.

Have an exact idea

Make sure you have an exact idea of what you are after. Services such as CNC engraving and routing has gotten a lot better these days with extensive CAD software and specialty CNC machines. Often there is too much choice, so knowing what you want, will narrow down which type of service you are after.

Lead Time

Often using the best CNC services to get the job done requires a small ‘lead’ time or waiting time. This is because the guys that produce the best results are in high demand. Make sure you get your quote or request in earlier than needed to avoid missing deadline. This is almost always the case for CNC routing, rapid prototyping and some CNC engraving jobs.

Ask to see examples

Unless you are outsourcing to a foreign country, ask to see real examples of work from that particular CNC service. This way you can judge the quality, and ask questions about how your job may be related. This is a great way to get an indication on how your job may turn out and the cost or time involved. For example, if ‘Example A’ is similar to what you are after, then pricing should be similar.

Who were their previous clients and what did they learn?

Although this may be confidential, inquire about previous clients. You may not get an exact name, but knowing how many clients and what previous problems were encountered is crucial. CNC services learn a lot of things from previous mistakes. A well experienced CNC technician will always trump a new CNC technician. An experienced technician will have a stronger indication on actual lead and production time, cost and the limitations of his or her machine.

Get a range of quotes from different sources

Ask around to see who is best, if this is not possible; get a wide range of different quotes. Pricing always varies depending on how urgent your job is, experience and the type of method and cnc engraving machine a CNC technician may use. For example, a 3-axis machine is always going to be cheaper to get time on as opposed to a 5-axis machine. If you think your job needs a 5-axis machine, an experienced technician may be able to achieve your results using a 3-axis machine, depending on how creative or resourceful they are.

So there you have it, five crucial tips that should help you get that perfect CNC engraving or CNC prototype. Keep these tips in mind and you will be in a better position to always get exactly what you want.