Gun Engraving – What You Need to Know about Designs, Prices and...

Gun Engraving – What You Need to Know about Designs, Prices and Equipment


Are you looking at getting your gun engraved? Well gun engraving is a great way to personalize your gun. Below is my guide on how to go about getting a great gun engraving, where to go and what to look out for.

Here’s how my guide will be split up:

1. Hand engraving vs. laser engraving your gun

2. Getting a great custom gun engraving

3. Gun engraving tools and patterns

4. How to get a great gun laser engraving

Hand engraving vs. laser engraving your gun

gun engraving

If you are looking at getting your gun engraved, then you have a couple of choices. The two main choices would be either getting something hand engraved, or going ith something that is engraved using a machine. Using a machine normally means you will be using a cnc (computer numerically controlled) machine. This means the laser etching machine will be controlled by a computer. This is great as it allows for your engraving to be super accurate and will allow you to really get a great, quality engraving.

Getting a hand engraving by hand is the other option. This is a lot closer to tradition and means you will get somethnig a little more ‘old school’. Bear in mind that because the engraving will be done by hand, the engraving may not be 100% accurate or perfect. This means you will have  to scout out an exceptional hand engraver to get the job done. He or she will also need to have the right tools for the job to get your design onto the gun effectively.

My recommendation: go with a laser gun engraving machine. This will mean you get an accurate engraving every time, and this can be achieved on multiple guns.

Getting a great custom gun engraving

Here’s the biggest challenge: Getting a great engraving.

The last thing you want is paying for an engraving then receiving something that is just not up to par, or not what you expected. Some of the following tips will help you in a big way to get great gun engraving designs.

1. Make sure you let the engraver know what kind of gun engraving patterns you really want. Make sure they know what pattern best suits your gun and what you have in mind. Sometimes you can bring in a sketch and they will convert it to something that can be laser engraved using cad/cam software.

2. Figure out a set price beforehand and set delivery time. Sometimes cnc engravers can be backed up with work, so you will need to get in early if you want it fast, or be prepared to wait in a queue. This is a good thing, as the ones wit ha lot of work are generally the best.

3. You do not need someone who has engraved guns before. As long as they have experience laser engraving complex surfaces (which may require the use of a 5 axis cnc machine). This should save you a bit of money as it means you can shop around to find out who has a 5 axis laser gun engraving machine.

Gun engraving tools and patterns

gun laser engraving

Gun engraving prices for tools and patterns can vary. I recommend going to someone with a laser engraving machine. Contact places called ‘cnc’ places and places that have ‘laser engraving’ machines for gun barrel engraving. These companies should be able to do regular guns as well as paintball gun laser engraving.

For tools, you just need someone that has the right laser engraving machine and the right clamp to clamp your gun onto the engraving bed without damaging the actual gun itself. Normally this means the clamps has some sort of rubber or material so the gun does not get scratched when it is clamped down. Make sure your cnc engraver has the right gun engraving equipment before choosing him or her.

How to get a great gun laser engraving

Getting a great laser gun engraving means you need to find the right gun engraving services with the right laser machine and the right gun engraving supplies, such as the right clamp.

Make sure you see past examples of any laser cnc work or if they have had any training using cnc or with gun engraving schools. Make sure they have experience with laser etching, not just laser cutting.

Also, one of the most important things is to make sure they can show you the final design before it is done. Maybe a 3d visualization using the computer using a cad program or a sample of work already done. This will give you a sense of scale and what the design will look like in real life.