Best Hand Engraving Tools for Your Engraving Needs

Best Hand Engraving Tools for Your Engraving Needs


Are you looking for the best hand engraving tools for your needs? Well having the right hand engraving tools is crucial to the success of any engraving project.

First of all, there are many different materials out there that can be hand engraved. Each requiring a different type of tool. This guide will focus on two main types of material: metal and wood.

Metal engraving hand tools

Having the right hand engraving tools for metal is crucial. I suggest using a quality variable speed dremel. This will allow you to engrave slower or faster, depending on the type of design. A good dremel should come with a variety of attachments for different widths and depths of engraving. With different tool sets, you can also engrave steel and wood. Below are some that have reviewed well and are perfect hand engraving tools for metal. Check out the two sets below:

The above represents exactly what you need, with multiple tools as well as a solid variable speed. A dremel is the hallmark of a real DIYer alongside his or her other engraving hand tools, and one you should consider to have in your arsenal all the time. Make sure you take good care of your dremel to avoid metal or dust getting into your hand metal engraving tools.

Wood engraving hand tools

Wood engraving hand tools for sale are hard to come by. It is always worth splashing out a bit more on a good set. You will need a dremel like the one above for taking out larger areas of space. You will also need some handheld engraving tools. This includes larger wood carving chisels or smaller more precise chisels for applications like print-making.

Below are some of my favorites for getting the job done:

For precision engraving work, check out this set from Xacto:

I highly recommend Amazon due to its ease of use for getting hand engraving tools for sale. Remember for precision tools to always keep the tool sharp, or you could injure yourself. Always work safely. Hand held engraving tools can be great when use properly, so it is always best to familiriaze yourself on a spare piece of material before hitting the final piece of material by hand.
When I engrave, I like to have a piece of the same material close at hand, such as a piece of metal or wood, so I can practice going straight on it. Also a great tip is to etch your design first, before engraving or cutting it. The etch should give you a nice solid guideline when you go to cut or engrave later on.