Sheet Metal Cutting Tools – Learn the Differences Between Them All

Sheet Metal Cutting Tools – Learn the Differences Between Them All


If you need to cut metal for any reason (home improvement projects or anything else), there are a number of ways you can go about it thanks to the incredible variety of metal cutting tools you have to choose from. What type of metal cutting tools you decide to go with, however, will depend primarily on what type of project you’re working on.

Do you want to learn about the various tools to cut metal with and when you need to use them? Then keep on reading, as you’re about to learn everything you need to know!

Metal Cutting Hand Tools – Sheet Metal Hand Tools

For small applications, hand tools are your best bet. Thin sheet metal applications can be cut with sheet metal tools such as tin snips or metal shears. You can find either of these two tools in a variety of different shapes and sizes. For example, there are straight shears for straight-edged cuts, while dovetail cutters create notches in sheet metal, which are useful when working on air ducts.

As you can see, there are different manual metal cutting tools that will vary from application to application. With that said, let’s continue on to the next phase of metal cutting tools for jobs that require a bit more work.

Metal Cutting Machine Tools

When it comes to heavier duty jobs that manual hand tools just can’t hack, metal cutting machine tools are next in line. One of the more popular metal cutting tools is the circular saw that is designed to specifically cut through various metals. Other than that, it looks more like your standard circular saw that you would use for cutting through wood, vinyl or other light-duty materials. And, they are often in the same price range as well.

Some other metal cutting machines are the metal cutting band saw and the electric metal cutting power shears. These two machines are built to rip through sheet metal, aluminum, stainless steel and more.

Sheet Metal Cutting Tools

Just like the various tools mentioned above, sheet metal cutting tools are available in both hand and power tools. The only difference is that these tools were made to specifically cut through even the toughest sheet metal, allowing you to get the cuts you need. Whether you choose hand or power tools to handle the job, these tools will help you get the job done the first time.

Now that you’re aware of the differences between all metal cutting tools, you can make a solid decision on what type of tools you’ll need the next time you need to cut through any type of metal.