Mini CNC Router – Take Things to the Next Level

Mini CNC Router – Take Things to the Next Level


Have you been on the hunt for a mini CNC router to take your woodworking project to a higher level? You might even work with wood on a full time basis and need to equip your workshop with something a bit more powerful and reliable?

You should have no problem finding a mini CNC router machine, as there are many available to buy both online and offline. With all of this choice sometimes there can be a little bit of confusion. Which is the best company to deal with? What machine has the best features? Which one offers the best value?

The truth of the matter is that most of the big brands that make the CNC mini router are known for producing quality products that you can depend on. Companies such as Dingword, Zen Toolworks, Rockler and CarveWright have established themselves in the market as real power houses, as they sell their merchandise all over the world to many woodworkers. Whether you are a full time or part time woodworker, you are bound to find the product that will match your requirements perfectly.

Lets take a look at some of the features you should keep an eye out for when looking for a mini CNC router for sale.

Is It Easy To Use?

Most of the top brands come equipped with special computer software that you can install on your computer. This makes it easy to get the exact design that you want and execute it with precision. This also makes it a lot easier to use, while still getting a top quality job.

Variety of Use

If you currently undertake many different wood projects in your wood profession then you want a router that can handle anything you throw at it. Maybe you want to make doors, signs, tables, chairs and other things? Having something that can handle variety is essential.

High Quality

Having something that will last you for many years to come is great for your bank balance and your peace of mind. Look for machines made from the highest quality of steel, and never accept anything less! A CNC router will take many hard knocks throughout its lifetime, so it needs to made of strong stuff

Cutting Edge Software

It really so easy to produce wonderful designs with the software that comes with most brands. Just plug it into your computer and you are ready to go. Even if you haven’t had much experience with a mini CNC router, using the software will make you a pro in no time.


The Zen Toolworks CNC Carving Machine DIY Kit 7×7Milling Machines) is a popular product on

For a Zen Toolworks cnc review, one reviewer commented that this machine had a great motor and he was a happy customer.

Somebody else talked about how Zen Toolworks had a great customer support team, that were very helpful in answering his questions.

Lastly, one customer mentioned that everything was very easy to put together and that he was ready to go in 4 hours.


Make no mistake about it, with so many brands producing a high quality mini CNC router you really are spoiled for choice and you should find one that meets your requirements.