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CNC engraving machine

Buying a used cnc engraving machine can be a daunting task. With so many different options to choose from, it can be overwhelming as to where to start looking or what to look for first. However, buying a used cnc engraving machine is going to be a lot more cheaper than buying a new cnc engraving machine, so will save you on potential start up costs that you can use on other things, such as software and advertising. Here are the four best tips to take into account when you are on the search for a used engraving machine.

1. Look for a Refurbished CNC Engraving Machine

Buying a refurbished cnc engraving machine means you do not have to worry about whether the machine will perform or not. Refurbished means that a manufacturer or supplier has taken the machine back and fixed it and quality tested it to the same standard, if not better, as a new machine. This is a great way to get the performance of a new machine, without having to pay the premium cost of a new engraving machine. The only down side to this is that a refurbished machine only comes with a limited warranty, but this option may well be worth your money.

2. Buy and Upgrade a Used Machine

An older cnc router, cnc mill or cnc laser engraving machine may just need a few parts that need to be replaced. If you can find a cheap deal, then you may just need to upgrade a few parts to make the machine better than ever. You might just need to upgrade things like the spindle, collets, the controller or even just a software update to bring it more in-line with today’s industry standard cad software may be an easy way to go.

3. Ask for a Demonstration

Before committing to buy, ask for a demonstration. See what the machine can do with the current software it has and whether it works fine or not. Much like a car, always test drive before you buy.

4. Shop Around

There are many places that sell used cnc engraving machines. It is admittedly easier to shop online, but you have to be able to see the machine yourself, especially if it is used. So your best bet is to shop locally and get the chance to check out the machine first before making the purchase.