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Getting a CNC Engraving done or getting a project done through a CNC machine is something that can save time and produce precise looking products.  Working with CNC machines and technicians can be confusing. There are a lot of things that you need to do right to avoid any cost overruns and to have a successful project. Here are the best tips for working with the CNC process:

Do the Research

At the beginning of a project, be sure to look for the best cnc technician to work with. This person will have a ton of experience with his or her machine. This will allow you to get a much better, accurate measurement in terms of project cost, production and lead times for your project, as well as an accurate gauge on how your project is going to turn out. Ask to see any previous examples or ask to find out what kind of products or things they have made before using their CNC machines. Do not be afraid to ask any question, as an expereinced technician should be able to help you get the perfect cnc engraving or rapid prototype using his or her cnc engraving machine.

Have Good Timing

Getting a project done with the use of a CNC machine is going to take a bit of time. Talk with your cnc engraver or cnc specialist to find out exactly how long lead time and production time will be. Also allow time for anything to be done afterward, such as specialized finishing or added decals etc. Make sure you know this exactly to avoid any time overruns or missing out on your project deadline.

Choose the Best CNC Machine

Choosing the correct cnc mill or cnc engraving machine is key to a successful project. Look at the accuracy and finish of the machine. Adding extra finishing time can be very costly and could take a lot of time. You may want to choose a machine that will produce much better results in terms of accuracy and finish to save you time in the long run, even though you may have to pay a bit more upfront. Also check whether you require a 3 axis or 5 axis CNC machine or a specialized CNC engraving machine.

Get the File Preparation Done Right

Always make sure you prepare your files well. Get in touch with the machine technician to find out what files and what kind of format you need. This alone will save you a lot of time and hassle. A good file also ensures an accurate quote before work starts. You may also want to consider any working drawings to accompany your file to make sure the file is produced accurately during the CNC machining process.


Remember to follow the above tips and do your research. This combined with some solid preparation will allow you to get the best results every time.