Used CNC Lathe Machines Guide

Used CNC Lathe Machines Guide


Are you trying to track down a used CNC lathe? Are you still unsure about which one you specifically would like, and which are the companies that you can put your trust in? Their are a lot of quality products out there but it can start to seem a little bit confusing without the proper guidance. We are going to attempt to clear up a bit of that confusion and give you a clearer picture of which way you should turn.

Whether you are in the market for used CNC lathe machines or a brand new CNC lathe for sale, it is essential that you get a better understanding of the various products that are available to you and the different companies that supply them. In doing this, you will start to have a clearer thought process about what would be the perfect fit for your own unique needs, and which features will best suit your project.

There are currently six major brands of CNC lathes, all of them are known for their high quality production and ease of use for the consumer. These brands are Bolton, Sherline, Shop Fox, Jet, Proxxon and Grizzly. These companies are known around the world and have serviced customers in lots of various countries.

So when you are searching for used CNC lathes for sale, what are the main things to look out for?

Good Design

Having a well thought out design is crucial for any CNC lathe. When you are using it in a warehouse or workshop that is full of other tools and machines, then having and good compact design can make your life much easier.


Whether you have a part-time or full-time interest in CNC lathes, most of the products available today will help you in any project that you wish to make. It doesn’t make any difference if you need it for a small or large project, you will be able to use it for either.

Different Wrenches

When you are looking at a used CNC wrench then you will normally see lot of different wrenches like the 4 hex wrench, double ended wrench and socket head wrench. This is very handy for getting the exact tool that you need for your own personal job, and allows you to produce small precision parts and threaded parts with ease.

Instead of looking for used CNC lathes for sale, maybe you would like to purchase a brand new one? They have many different options on

Customer Reviews on Amazon

One of the bestselling lathes on Amazon is the Shop Fox M1O15 Micro Lathe.

Customers have been noting that it looks very good in their workshop and is very small and compact.

There has also been talk of the good price and fast and speedy shipping.


If you are looking for a used CNC lathe then you have so many options. The technology of these machines has come a long way in the last few years, and whatever you decide to buy will last you for many years to come.