Vericut 7.1 CNC Simulation Software Out Now 2011

Vericut 7.1 CNC Simulation Software Out Now 2011


CG Tech has just released it’s newest version of their Veritech CNC Software. The Vericut software now in 7.1 is a CNC machine optimization, simulation and verification software which enables users to eliminate protential mistakes and save on material by simulating the whole CNC milling and CNC engraving process first. This saves time and makes it so that people do not have to manually prove-out NC programs.

CNC Simulators optimize the process and save on scrap loss and rework time by simulating the CNC job within a virtual environment. This is highly accurate and will calculate how much material and time the machine will need to mill for. This will also help estimate the cost of a project a lot easier too.

The Vericut 7.1 software also optimizes NC programs in order to save both time and produce a much higher quality surface finish for a large range of projects. Vericut can simulate a ton of CNC machine tools, including those from world class manufacturers such as Mori Seiki, Makino, DMG, Matsura, Chiron and DIXI to name a few.

Normally, Vericut 7.1 and previous versions have run standalone, but is able to be integrated with some top CAD/CAM software applications such as Catia, MasterCAM, EdgeCAM and Pro Engineer.

For more information on Vericut, be sure to check out CG Tech at their website here.