Vinyl Cutting Machine – Which One Should You Buy?

Vinyl Cutting Machine – Which One Should You Buy?


Have you been searching high and low for a vinyl cutting machine for your business? Or maybe you need one for a project that you are undertaking in your spare time? This can be a confusing time for you but it doesn’t have to be.

There are a lot of vinyl cutting machines available to purchase today, and with a lot of choice always comes a lot of decisions. Which one should you buy? What is the best brand? What price should I pay?

Whether you are looking for a vinyl decal cutting machine or a vinyl lettering cutting machine, there are many different brands for you to choose from. With the competition as fierce as it is today, you can be sure that all of the companies are committed to producing high quality products and offering great value on the price.

Best Brands for a vinyl decal machine

The Roland Vinyl cutting machine is one of the most well known products on the market. Roland vinyl cutters are common and many engravers tend to go with this well known brand.

There are also companies such as Sign Warehouse, USCutter, Graphtec, QEP and Copma, that all offer outstanding products and are sold around the world. With this much exposure you can be sure that these companies keep on their toes and always at the edge of innovation.

So how do you find the best vinyl cutting machine for your own unique needs? Here are a few things to look out for…

Versatility with lettering machines

Just about all of the vinyl letter cutter machines available are very versatile in nature. Whether you want it for a hobby project, a part-time business or a larger project; most of the vinyl cutting machines that you can buy will be able to suit your needs.

Software for your vinyl lettering machine

Top of the range computer software makes designing your projects extremely easy. Just hook up the software to your computer and you will be able to produce professional products in minutes, without years of experience.

Accurate Cutting for a vinyl letter cutter machine

If you are looking at a vinyl cutting machine then there is a very good chance that it has good downforce and excellent cutting speed. This makes for a precision cut every single time without taking all day.

Customer Reviews

One of the best selling cutting machines on is the Sign Warehouse Vinyl Cutter. It currently has 3 reviews.

One reviewer remarked on how it is doing a great job for her, although the software is a little hard to use. She went on to say that after you have used it for a bit then it becomes easier.

Another person mentioned that the tech support from Sign Warehouse is brilliant, and that he would highly recommend dealing with this company.

Finally, somebody talked about how this is great for entry level jobs and that the cutters cut very well, although the software is not that great for a vinyl letter cutting machine.

The Final Word

Have no doubts about it, there are so many top companies offering a vinyl cutting machine that you really are spoiled for choice. Whichever machine you end up buying, it is something that will last in your business for many years to come. The cutting machines are made to a much higher standard than they were in the past, and it shows.