Whiteside Router Bits – Are They The Best?

Whiteside Router Bits – Are They The Best?


Are you looking to buy Whiteside router bits but are still a bit unsure if they are the right fit for you? Whiteside router bits sure are popular among tradesmen and even hobbyists, but do they match your own unique needs and will they last for many years to come?

A very popular search in Google is “router bits Whiteside” so they are obviously a company that is selling a lot of products and supplying the market. In fact, Whiteside is one of the largest suppliers of router bits in the USA, and have been for many years. People have come to place their trust in them and shop with them exclusively, ignoring cheaper brands on the market.

Sometimes it is even possible to find a Whiteside router bits sale, especially on some of their more popular products. Things like their 7 piece basic router set, shark incra router bit set, shank straight and half round combo set, multi rabbet set, 45 chamfer router bit and flush trim router bit.

Here are a few things to look out for when buying Whiteside Router Bits:

Made in USA

The ultimate stamp of quality! While other companies have outsourced their production overseas to keep their overheads low, Whiteside have taken an alternative path and stuck to producing their products in the USA. This means that there are no cheap parts and things are built to last. Some people think that this is worth paying a bit more for, as you get what you pay for.


Whiteside router bits have a reputation for being durable and made to last the distance. They are built knowing that you will have to use them in a wide variety of situations and sometime they can end up taking a few hard knocks. They also come in durable plastic cases that is coated in a protective gel.

Excellent Performance

Some other router bits will not do the job properly, as they tend to burn the wood. Not Whiteside! They will give you high quality performance again and again. If you are looking to do a professional job then these may be your only choice.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

One of the best selling Whiteside products is their 7 piece basic router set, which is excellent for beginners and novices. It currently sells on Amazon.com and has 7 customer reviews.

One person claimed that he felt Whiteside was the best company out there because they offer great durability and performance. They also added that it was worth paying a bit more for this value of product.

Another man commented that the case is protected in a gel for protection, which keeps his set in great condition.

There was also talk of how Whiteside looks after its customers and that they are the best out there.


After all of the positive reviews then you really should not hesitate when it comes to Whiteside router bits. They are obviously one of the best brands out there, and at this rate, they will be there for many years to come.